Tutorials W4

Tutorials on Tuesday 16th of May will be as follows,

10:00 Marion
10:30 Sonya
11:00 Arvind
11:30 Catalin
12:00 Karim
12:30 Valerie

2:00 Pranav
2:30 May
3:00 Oussama
3:30 Rin
4:00 Alex
4:30 Clara
5:00 Kwang
5:30 Nefeli


Tutorials W3 3T

In Tutorials on next Friday 12th of May we will review plans and section as follows,

10:00 Catalin
10:30 Sonya
11:00 Arvind
11:30 Marion
12:00 Karim
12:30 Valeri

2:30 Oussama
3:00 May
3:30 Rin
4:00 Pranav
4:30 Kwang
5:00 Clara
5:30 Nefeli
6:00 Alex



A high-rise building always presents the challenge of defining its relation to the context in which it is located. The richness of its live inside is always difficult to read from outside and its visual relation with the outside is a privilege for its inhabitants.

Both key questions will be addressed at this stage of the academic year,
using the graphic representation to explore them.

First studies on interior connections between programmes and different levels of privacy will be done. Each proposal will be questioned through an efficient system of relations in its interior that will be consistent with the political argument developed.
The results will be expressed through sections and conceptual drawings exploring relationships established between different space.
– Arendt, Hannah: “The Public and the Private Realm” in The Human Condition,
Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1998, pp.22-78.
– Evans, Robin: Figures, doors and Passages: in Translation from drawings to
buildings, pp.55-92.

PresentationF_Page_111portfolio tables_Page_52Section A0_238 A1 00Building Section


We will have a pin-up on Tuesday 9th of May from 10 to 6pm in Rear Second Presentation Room when we will review all your workshop results, images, and your latest models. Please put your models on the table and drawings printed A2 on the walls.


Drawing workshop

Drawing Workshop with Matej Hosek on the first week of May in 3 sessions of  3hrs.

Firstly you need to do the 2 following things:
1) Everyone should get the following software: latest rhino + vray + express tools; before the sessions start.
2) Before the 27th of April everyone should send to Matej Hosek (the instructor)  your 3D models  as well as at least one image you produced so far (or anything that will represent your idea). It can be also an inspirational image to know what you are looking after.
The sessions will be at computing non-bookable room (39 FistFloorFront):
Tuesday 2nd from 3 to 6pm
Thursday 4th from 2 to 5pm
Friday from 2 to 5pm
portfolio tables_Page_43

Tutorials W1 3T

Tutorials at the end of this first week of the term will be in unit space as follows:

Thursday 27th of April – 3rd years models should reflect on the clusters of housing or even the units themselves, and the material dimension of your early proposals. These models/s should be at 1/100 or 1/50 scale.
2.30 Sonia
3.00 Valeri
3.30 Karim
4.00 Marion
4.30 Arvind – TS High Pass work
5.00 Catalin – TS high Pass work

Friday 28th of April – 2nd years work in progress; updated models; finished site models.
2.00 Rin
2.30 May
3.00 Oussama
3.30 Pranav
4.00 Clara
4.30 Nefeli
5.00 Alexandru
5.30 Kwnag

Pin-up 2nd Years – Meeting 3rd years

Next week Tuesday 25th of April from 10am to 5pm, stopping from 11 to 12 am, we will have a pin-up to see all your new models and collages. Please place you models on the central table at the South Jury Room and pin-up your collages on the wall.

Models should reflect on the clusters of housing or even the units themselves, and the material dimension of your early proposals. These models/s should be at 1/100 or 1/50 scale. There were some of you working on site models. Please bring them as well. For this final stage of the design, you need also to reflect on your inhabitant/s and users. Some of you have already some collages last term. If you do not have them, prepare it for the pin-up. Check previous emails for finding references.

Third Years will benefit coming to this pin-up to see what they have to do next. We can discuss also TS results there.