Tutorials W7

In Tutorials on Tuesday 15th of November we will review your iterations and case study analysis. You need minimum:

-four pages analysing: Voids, Free section, Circulation, Public and Private. Each page should contain maximum four iterations and a conclusion of what was found in them.
-two pages with diagrams combining each category till finding a new logic that improves your set of rules.
-one page with all your rules summarised (text and diagrams) with a title that synthesizers your main conceptual idea.

You can also speculate where your housing and public programs will go within your building.

The order of the tutorials will be as follows,

Morning (from 10 to 1pm) – Third Years: Karim, Marion, Arvind, Sonia, Valeri & Catalin.

Afternoon (from 2 to 6m) – Second years: Rin, Oussama, Pranav, Nefeli, Kwang, Alexnadru, Clara, & May


Shape & Material Jury

The Jury that closes Shape & Material brief will be on Monday 24th of October in 37 FFF from 2pm to 7pm. Please place all your models in a central table and pin-up your drawings on the walls. Each of you should have minimum 3 vertical A2 including photographs of all models (whole model and close ups),  drawings/sketches and a wired frame axo of your proposal. These panels should summarise your proposals. You should also prepare an argument over your proposal, as discussed in last week Friday tutorials. Our visit critics will be Alexandro Kallegias, Gabriela Garcia de Cortazar, & Harikleia Karamali.