3rd year previews

Third year previews will be on the 20th  of March in the Lecture hall as follows:

Panel 5 Afternoon
14.00 Catalin-Ioan Crina
14.30 Sofiia Astrina
15.00 Karim Fouad Hefny
15.30 Min Jung Cho
16.00  Arvind Roy
16.30 Marion Delaporte



Pin up of Form brief will be on Friday 18th of November (from 10 to 6pm) in Rear Second Presentation Space.  In this pin-up  we will review all Form phase work,but you might need to bring a page with your shape to understand the evolution of it.

Bring your pages as a pdf combined in your laptop to be projected onto the wall and your new conceptual models. The whole package of pdfs should include:
-2 pages with Set of rules that structure your building before and after the transformations
-4 pages with form case studies (Voids, Free Section, Circulation, Public/private articulation and modularity) and proposal transformations.
-2 pages with testing mixing concepts
-A whole page axonometric with all spatially organisation elements mention above in a “final” solution.
-A drawing that express your main conceptual idea of the proposal

The presentation could also include:
–  Interior perspectives
-Models of the whole high-rise building transformation or a model showing a part of fraction of it.

After the pin-up we will present the new brief regarding the city.

Shape & Material Jury

The Jury that closes Shape & Material brief will be on Monday 24th of October in 37 FFF from 2pm to 7pm. Please place all your models in a central table and pin-up your drawings on the walls. Each of you should have minimum 3 vertical A2 including photographs of all models (whole model and close ups),  drawings/sketches and a wired frame axo of your proposal. These panels should summarise your proposals. You should also prepare an argument over your proposal, as discussed in last week Friday tutorials. Our visit critics will be Alexandro Kallegias, Gabriela Garcia de Cortazar, & Harikleia Karamali.