Inspiring videos


Third Year Reviews

Third Year Reviews will be in the Lecture Hall on Monday Afternoon as follows,

2.00 Arvind
2.30 Karim
3.00 Catalin
3.30 Valeri
4.00 Sonya
4.30 Marion

Please bring all models, drawings and portfolios to the tables. Prepare well presentation the day before after seeing us.

Tutorials W7

Third Year tutorials this week will be as follows,

Monday 5th of June – from 6 to 7.30pm – Karim, Sonya & Arvind
Tuesday 6th of June – from 6 to 7.30pm – Valeri, Catalin & Marion

Sunday 10th of June – review of portfolio presentations in 37FFF
10:00 Karim
10:30 Sonya
11:00 Arvind
11:30 Valeri
12:00 Catalin
12:30 Marion

Second Year Previews

Second Year Previews will be on the Lecture Hall as follows,

Monday 5th of June afternoon
2:00 Alex
2:30 May
3:00 Oussama
3:30 Pranav
4:00 Nefeli

Tuesday 6th of June afternoon
2:00 Clara
2:30 Rin
3:30 Kwnag

Please bring all your work, portfolios, models, images, videos and so on. Models should be in the room before we start at 2pm.