A high-rise building always presents the challenge of defining its relation to the context in which it is located. The richness of its live inside is always difficult to read from outside and its visual relation with the outside is a privilege for its inhabitants.

Both key questions will be addressed at this stage of the academic year,
using the graphic representation to explore them.

First studies on interior connections between programmes and different levels of privacy will be done. Each proposal will be questioned through an efficient system of relations in its interior that will be consistent with the political argument developed.
The results will be expressed through sections and conceptual drawings exploring relationships established between different space.
– Arendt, Hannah: “The Public and the Private Realm” in The Human Condition,
Chicago: Chicago University Press, 1998, pp.22-78.
– Evans, Robin: Figures, doors and Passages: in Translation from drawings to
buildings, pp.55-92.

PresentationF_Page_111portfolio tables_Page_52Section A0_238 A1 00Building Section


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