Presenting portfolios

Wednesday 29th of March in unit space:

from 11 to 1pm, presentation of models and drawings-only second years

from 1pm presentation of last year portfolios – all unit


Thanks a lot to May and Ali for sharing with us last year work


3rd year previews

Third year previews will be on the 20th  of March in the Lecture hall as follows:

Panel 5 Afternoon
14.00 Catalin-Ioan Crina
14.30 Sofiia Astrina
15.00 Karim Fouad Hefny
15.30 Min Jung Cho
16.00  Arvind Roy
16.30 Marion Delaporte

Tutorials W10_2

Tutorials to review work before previews for Third years and Second Years new work will be Friday 17th of March in unit space as follows,

Morning- Third years- Please bring your portfolios and new work printed to check.

10 Catalin
10.30 Sonia
11 Karim
11.30 Valeri
12 Arvind
12.30 Marion

Afternoon- Second Years – Please bring a new updated model of your final proposal. If you have it already, please work on the inhabitants definition with a collage and interior vies of the spaces designed so far.

2 Pranav – model
2.30 Alex – model
3 May – model
3.30 Nefeli – inhabitants, interior views
4 Clara – inhabitants, clusters, circulation system
4.30 Rin – ground floor plan and section with sourrounding included.
5 Kwang – model
5.30 Oussama – model

2nd year previews

Second year previews will be on the 13rd and 14th of March in the Lecture Hall

Panel 3 13rd of March morning – Inter 8
10.00 Pranav Vakharia
10.30 Jihane-May Slaoui
11.00 Alexandru Mitea
11.30 Maria Stamatari

Panel 2 14th of March morning – Inter 8
10.00 Clara Dahan
10.30 Rin (Leonelle) Seo
11.00 Kwang Yi Goh
11.30 Oussama Garti

Please bring all work: models, different portfolios, large drawings and so on.