Presenting portfolios

Wednesday 29th of March in unit space:

from 11 to 1pm, presentation of models and drawings-only second years

from 1pm presentation of last year portfolios – all unit


Thanks a lot to May and Ali for sharing with us last year work


Tutorials W10_2

Tutorials to review work before previews for Third years and Second Years new work will be Friday 17th of March in unit space as follows,

Morning- Third years- Please bring your portfolios and new work printed to check.

10 Catalin
10.30 Sonia
11 Karim
11.30 Valeri
12 Arvind
12.30 Marion

Afternoon- Second Years – Please bring a new updated model of your final proposal. If you have it already, please work on the inhabitants definition with a collage and interior vies of the spaces designed so far.

2 Pranav – model
2.30 Alex – model
3 May – model
3.30 Nefeli – inhabitants, interior views
4 Clara – inhabitants, clusters, circulation system
4.30 Rin – ground floor plan and section with sourrounding included.
5 Kwang – model
5.30 Oussama – model

2nd year previews

Second year previews will be on the 13rd and 14th of March in the Lecture Hall

Panel 3 13rd of March morning – Inter 8
10.00 Pranav Vakharia
10.30 Jihane-May Slaoui
11.00 Alexandru Mitea
11.30 Maria Stamatari

Panel 2 14th of March morning – Inter 8
10.00 Clara Dahan
10.30 Rin (Leonelle) Seo
11.00 Kwang Yi Goh
11.30 Oussama Garti

Please bring all work: models, different portfolios, large drawings and so on.