Tutorials W8

Tutorials will take place at unit space on the 3rd March as follows,

Morning-3rd years
10am May
10.30 Alex
11 Rin
11.30 Nefeli
12 Pranav
12.30 Oussama

1:00-2:30 Lecture structures High Rish- Bob Lang (Arup)- Whole unit together at North Jury Room

Afternoon-2nd years
2.30 Clara
3 Kwang
3.30 Karim
4 Sonia
4.30 Arvind
5 Valeri
5.30 Marion
6:00 Catalin


Tutorials and Mini-Jury

Next week Monday 27th of February we will have a Mini-Jury for Second years from 2 to 6pm in 32FFB. We will have as external critics Zaynab Dena Ziari(AA H&T) and Harikleia Kalamari (Diploma 15) to review your portfolio presentations. Please prepare well how you show them.


In the morning, we will have tutorials with 3rd years in 32FFB as follows:

10am – Sonia
10.30 – Marion
11am – Valeri
11.30 – Karim
12am – Avind
12.30 – Catalin

Tutorials W7-2

Tutorials at the end of the week will be on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th as follows,

Thursday 23rd – 3rd years
2.30 Marion
3.00 Karim
3.30 Valeri
4.00 Arvind
4.30 Sonia
5.00 Catalin

Friday 24th – 2nd years
2.00 Rin
2.30 Nefeli
3.00 May
3.30 Pranav
4.00 Clara
4.30 Kwang
5.00 Oussama

Vertical Living Inhabitants

The building creaks and sways’: life in a skyscraper.

High-Rise (2015) directed by Ben Wheatley – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0462335/

-High-rise by J.G. Ballard, London : Fourth Estate, 2011.

-Torre David : informal vertical communities by Urban Think Tank, , Baden : Lars Müller ; London : Springer

Visit to St. Gilles housing.

On Colombian Architecture

Here you have some readings and reference books you can finding the library unit shelf where you can find information of buildings we visited in the unit trip.

Bergdoll, Barry & Comas, Carlos Eduardo: Latin America in Construction: Architecture
1955-1980, New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 2015.
Carranza, Luis E. & Lara, Fernando Luiz: Modern Architecture in Latin America:
Art, Technology, and Utopia, University of Texas Press, 2015.
Leguía, Mariana (Ed.): Latin America at the crossroads, AD Magazine, Chichester:
John Wiley, 2011.
Hernandez, Felipe: Beyond Modernist Masters: Contemporary Architecture in Latin
America, Basel : Birkhauser, 2009.
Mesa, Miguel: Archipiélago de arquitectura = Architecture archipelago, Bogotá :
Mesa, 2010.
LC BOG : Le Corbusier en Bogotá, 1947-1951, Bogotá : Universidad de Los Andes,
Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño, 2010.
Yoshida, Nobuyuki: Rogelio Salmona, A+U n.450, 2008.

Documentary on Rogelio Salmona Architecture:

Lecture by Ana Elvira Velez architect:

Lectures by Giancarlo Mazzanti talking about Library in Medellin, Orchideorama, Sports Facilities in Medellin.


Encountering the Ground

Building on the discussing on formal aspects, the politics generated by the high-rise in the city fabric and will be reassessed. Following this reflection, the encountering of the building with the ground will be a key question to be evaluated. The placement of the building in its particular location will bring the context forward as a sharpener of first formal organisations helping the progress of design definition.

Building designs will be interrogated regarding their relationships with its immediate context and the passer-by. The permeability and accessibility of the high-rises in relation to the rest of the city will be questioned. The results will be expressed through iterations, scenarios and two dimensional drawings.


Mid-Term Jury

Next Tuesday 14th of February will be our Mid-Term Jury at 33 First Floor Back. This is a good opportunity to show your work so far and have feedback before going to the previews. You have to show all work till this date, but we will stress more the feedback on research and site placement of your proposals. Our guest critics will be Fabrizio Ballabio (AA H&T), Sylvie Taher (AA H&T), Adam Kaasa (LSE), Catalina Mejía (University of Brighton), Ryan Dillon (Inter 5) and Manuel Jimenez (Bartlett).