Pin-up Research

All your research work so far will be reviewed in a pin-up next Friday 20th of January in 33 FFF. Please bring all your pages to check quality of drawings and your presentation ready to be shown in the screen. You should also bring your small unit trip-issue portfolios with you. Review format and possible binding.

We will start at 10:00 am in the morning. During this session we will have the visit of previous students at Inter 8 to show their work, Lee Fang & Irene Squilloni,  and help you defining your issues, Eleni Tzavellou  & Stavros Papavassilou.

After this review, all of you should have a clear issue, site location, residents to target and building brief (defining possible public-private programmes to be in combination with housing). Remember that your proposal will be use by 5000 users.

Fang Lee unit trip-issue portfolio_ fang_walls-of-lima-spread

Clara Dahan unit trip-issue portfolio_3-clara_unittrip_booklet


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