Tutorials W4 – 2

Tutorials on Friday 3rd of February will be as follows,

11:00 Karim
11:30 May
12:00 Alex
12:30 Oussama

3:00 Arvind
3:30 Rin
4:00 Kwang
4:30 Marion
5:00 Nefeli
5:30 Clara
6:00 Catalin
6:30 Sonia
7:00 Valeri
7:30 Pranav

Please bring all work printed to check graphics


Tutorials W4

Tutorials next week Tuesday 31st of January will be as follows,

10:00 Pranav
10:30 Marion
11:00 Arvind
11:30 Alex
12:00 Karim
12:30 Rin

2:00 Valeri
2:30 Clara
3:00 Kwang
3:30 Nefeli
4:00 Oussama
4:30 Sonia
5:00 May
5:30 Catalin

Please work on how you show information in your portfolio pages. There are many examples in this site and in some book referenced before. Please have a look. If you have your site decided start working on the plan, section or/and axonometric to discuss how your building seats on it and consequences of it.

Localidades Info

Here you have some info of your Localidades-site:

01. USAQUEN (UPZ Usaquen) – InfoPranav
03. SANTA FE (UPZ LAs Nieves & La Candelaria) – InfoMay, Nefeli, Arvind,  Valeri, Sonia  & Catalin
03. SANTA FE (UPZ Sagrado Corazón)- Info & CHAPINERO (UPZ Chapinero) – Info – Clara & Marion
08. KENNEDY (UPZ Las Margaritas, Patio Bonito, Corabastos & Gran Britalia) – Info Kwang
09. FONTIBON (UPZ Fontibón)- Info – Oussama
02. CHAPINERO (UPZ Chapinero) – InfoRin
15. ANTONIO NARIÑO (UPZ Restrepo) – InfoAlex
15. ANTONIO NARIÑO (UPZ Restrepo) – Info & PUENTE ARANDA (Muzu) – InfoKarim

Please check the site of Bogota gov for all kind of information: http://mapas.bogota.gov.co/

In the dropbox you can find even more information.

Programmatic Insertions

A site for individual proposals location will be selected within the urban corridor
running across the new Metro Line of Bogota. First Term urban analysis and research done during the unit trip will help to take each individual decision. The capability of programmatic anchors in specific locations to engage with the city public space will be put into question. All proposal together will reconfigure the urban context of Bogota city.

– Bernard Tschumi, “Program”, in Architecture and Disjunction, Cambridge: MIT
Press, 1994. pp. 99-168.
– Alexander D’ Hooge: The Liberal Monument. New York: Princeton, 2010.
– Kim Dovey and Scott Dickson, “Architecture and Freedom? Programmatic Innovation
in the Work of Koolhaas/OMA”, Journal of Architectural Education, ACSA
(2000), pp. 5-13.
– Amanda Reeser Lawrence (ed.): RE: Programming, Praxis 8, New York:, 2007

Tutorials W3

Tutorials next week Tuesday will be basically for reviewing research and site placement of your proposals. If you have work in progress following portfolio reviews, please bring it as well. Tutorials will be as follows:
10:00 May – San Victoriano St. – Tercer Milenio Park- Localidad 03. SANTA FE
10:30 Rin – Gran Colombia St. – Localidad 13.TEUSAQUILLO – CHAPINERO
11:00 Alex – Antonio Nariño St.- Localidad 15. ANTONIO NARIÑO
11:30 Oussama – Modelia – FONTIBON
12:00 Nefeli -San Victoriano St. – Tercer Milenio Park- Localidad 03. SANTA FE
12:30 Pranav- USQUEN St. – Localidad 01. USAQUEN
2:00 Arvind -San Victoriano St. – Tercer Milenio Park- Localidad 03. SANTA FE
2:30 Karim – Avenida 68 St.-Localidad 15. ANTONIO NARIÑO
3:00 Clara – Parque Nacional St. – Localidad 03. SANTA FE
3:30 Valeri – La Rebeca St. – Localidad 03. SANTA FE
4:00 Sonia – San Victoriano St. – Tercer Milenio Park- Localidad 03. SANTA FE
4:30 Kwang – Portal Americas St.- Localidad: 08. KENNEDY  – PUENTE ARANDA
5:00 Marion – Parque Nacional St. – Localidad 03. SANTA FE
5:30 Catalin – La Rebeca St. – Centro Internacional  – Localidad 03. SANTA FE

References on how to display information:
-Edward R. Tufte : Envisioning information, Cheshire, Conn. : Graphics Press, c1990
– Edward R. Tufte : The visual display of quantitative information, Cheshire, Conn : Graphics Press, 2001

– David McCandless: Knowledge is Beautiful, London: William Collins, 2014.
– Rebecca Solnit: Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, San Francisco: University of California Press, 2010.
– Steven Heller: Infographics Designers’ Sketchbooks, New York: Princeton Architectural Press , 2014.
In the next tutorial, please bring pages printed to have a look to your info display and mapping.

Pin-up Research

All your research work so far will be reviewed in a pin-up next Friday 20th of January in 33 FFF. Please bring all your pages to check quality of drawings and your presentation ready to be shown in the screen. You should also bring your small unit trip-issue portfolios with you. Review format and possible binding.

We will start at 10:00 am in the morning. During this session we will have the visit of previous students at Inter 8 to show their work, Lee Fang & Irene Squilloni,  and help you defining your issues, Eleni Tzavellou  & Stavros Papavassilou.

After this review, all of you should have a clear issue, site location, residents to target and building brief (defining possible public-private programmes to be in combination with housing). Remember that your proposal will be use by 5000 users.

Fang Lee unit trip-issue portfolio_ fang_walls-of-lima-spread

Clara Dahan unit trip-issue portfolio_3-clara_unittrip_booklet