Unit trip summary submission

Please submit next Tuesday 3rd of January your unit trip documents (small booklet or/and video) summarizing personal observations of Bogotá and Medellín. This document should focus on your main subject of study that was established before leaving and during the unit trip. A conclusion from this portfolio should help later to define both the location for your high-rise proposal in the urban corridor of new Bogotá Metro Line and the programmatic framework (public programs and housing components).



The second part will be an investigation of the different cultural customs and spatial characteristics where everyday life takes place. An examination of Colombian way of living will be expressed by different analytical diagrams and information maps that will be completed after the unit trip.

Reference books:
– David McCandless: Knowledge is Beautiful, London: William Collins, 2014.
– Rebecca Solnit: Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, San Francisco: University of
California Press, 2010.
– Steven Heller: Infographics Designers’ Sketchbooks, New York: Princeton Architectural
Press , 2014.

Along this exploratory process students will be exposed to cultural, intellectual and
artistic references generating a specific unit inspirational atmosphere.
– Guardiola-Rivera, Oscar: What if Latin America Ruled the World?How the South
Will Take the North into the 22nd Century, London: Bloomsbury, 2011.
– Sergio Cabrera, : La estrategia del Caracol, 1996 (fi lm).
– Garcia Marquez, Gabriel: One hundred years of solitude, London: Penguin, 2007.
– Carpentier, Alejo: The Kingdom of this world. London: Penguin, 1995.
– Angulo, María-Elena: Magic realism: social context and discourse. New York:
Garland Publishers, 1995.

End of Term Jury

The End of the Term Jury will be on Monday 5th of December from 10 to 6pm in  32 FFB. Our guest critics will be Soomeen Hahm (AA Inter 13), Pol Esteve (AA First Year), Alexandra Voughia (AA First Year), Jose Ramón Sierra y Gómez de León(Chiperfield Architects, Harvard GSD Alumnae), Marcela Aragüez (Bartlett) & Pier Andrea Angius (AA DRL, Zaha Hadid Architects). Please locate your models on central tables and pin-up your drawings on the walls. We will send presentation order by the end of Friday.