The second exploration will consist in a twofold investigation. Neoliberal reforms
implemented in the first 2000´s decade and their consequences in the city as well as
Bogota and Medellin’s majors civic and infrastructural initiatives will be discussed.
A critical session during tutorials reviewing specific texts and documentaries will be part of the unit agenda.

Documentary: The Shock Doctrine by M. Whitecross & M. Winterbottom, 2009.

-Sader, Emir: The Weakest Link? Neoliberalism in Latin America, New Left Review,
n.52, 2008.
– Gilbert, Alan: “Urban governance in the South:how Bogota lose its shine”, us-bogota-shine-1 pp.1–20
– Harvey, David: A brief History of Neoliberalism, Oxford University Press 2005.
– Tafuri, Manfredo: Architecture and Utopia: Design and Capitalist Development
,Cambridge: MIT Press: 1976.


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