A research on Colombian socio-cultural, political and economic issues as well as Bogota
city physical form will inform aspects of the high-rise building brief and its relation
to the city. This investigation will be conducted before and during the unit trip and
summarised in a collection of maps, diagrams, photographs and video fragments.

Before deepening into material aspects of the block the unit should be familiarize with
the different formal aspects of Bogota city. In groups, the unit will create an archive
of drawings in different scales with information about the urban grain, voids, density
and urban form of the area defined by the new Bogota metro line. Readings on Bogota
city history will be also conducted to understand the evolution of its urban fabric.
Seminar: Bogota urban history and contemporary configuration (18.11.16)
– Arango Cardinal, Silvia: Bogotá y la Sabana: guía de arquitectura y pasisaje = an architectural and landscape guide, Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Obras Públicas y Vivienda, 2012.
– Urban Age: South American Cities: Securing an Urban Future, London: LSE, 2007.
-McGuirk, Justin: Radical cities: across Latin America in search of a new architecture, London: Verso, 2014 . Chapters Bogotá and Medellín.



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