Pin up of Form brief will be on Friday 18th of November (from 10 to 6pm) in Rear Second Presentation Space.  In this pin-up  we will review all Form phase work,but you might need to bring a page with your shape to understand the evolution of it.

Bring your pages as a pdf combined in your laptop to be projected onto the wall and your new conceptual models. The whole package of pdfs should include:
-2 pages with Set of rules that structure your building before and after the transformations
-4 pages with form case studies (Voids, Free Section, Circulation, Public/private articulation and modularity) and proposal transformations.
-2 pages with testing mixing concepts
-A whole page axonometric with all spatially organisation elements mention above in a “final” solution.
-A drawing that express your main conceptual idea of the proposal

The presentation could also include:
–  Interior perspectives
-Models of the whole high-rise building transformation or a model showing a part of fraction of it.

After the pin-up we will present the new brief regarding the city.

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