Tutorials & visit W6-2

Next Friday 11th of November we will meet at 10.15am at the entrance of 20 Fenchurch Street tower, “walkie-talkie”, by Rafael Viñoly. We will visit this building top “public” garden to continue walking later in the area sightseeing “the shard” and other towers.

Map towers      TICKETS


In the afternoon we will have tutorials as follows:
From 2pm to 7pm : Pranav (Model), Oussama, Nefeli, Kwang, May, Alexandru,  Clara, Marion & Catalin.

As we cannot allocate all tutorials on Friday, we will seethe following students on Saturday morning as follows:
10:30 Rin (Model)
11:00 Sonja (Model)
11:30 Valeri (Model)
12:00 Arvind (Model)
12:30 Karim (Model)

We expect for this tutorial a page with all rules regarding your initial proposal, three or four case study analysis and they applied to your proposals individually.


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