Seminar-Pin-up on High-rise

Next Friday 4th of November in 32FFB we will have a seminar on High-rise typology. We will start at 10 am with a presentation of your case studies (6 per person) analysis  to continue with a discussion on bigness text.

In the afternoon we will have individual tutorials looking to advances in your proposals analysis, rules  and comparisons with case studies, as follows,
2:00 Rin
3:30 Pranav
4:00 Alexandru
4:30 Kwang
5:00 Clara
5:30 May
6:00 Nefeli

On Saturday 5th of November, we will continue with individual tutorials as follows,
10:30 Catalin
11:00 Arvind
11:30 Karim
12:00 Sonia
12:30 Valeri
1:00 Marion

List of Case studies: tallest-towers


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